PCD · viernes 22 de marzo · 2019
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STOC: NYSE Stock Exchange Planetary System.


STOC: NYSE Stock Exchange Planetary System


STOC [uniformchaos.org], short for Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison, is an interactive data visualization that uses the metaphor of a planetary system to map stock market stocks in the S&P500 in real-time. STOC seeks to allow immediate comparison of hundreds or thousands of stocks, by mapping various stock-specific parameters to easily observable visual outputs, as one is able to immediately identify the largest, or reddest, or quickest item in the group. The data is mapped as follows: volume of trading = planet orbital distance; comparison to S&P 500 = planet speed; percent change from prior close = planet color; market capitalization = planet size; P/E ratio = planet atmosphere width and color; moving average = planet opacity; dividend yield = planet moon size. The large center circle, or sun, reprsents the average of all these numbers to define the general performance of the S&P 500. The user is able to zoom in and out of a section to see more detail, or expand and contract each of the relative orbital radii, maintaining their relationship but allowing the user to give more or less separation to them in order to better compare stocks. The user can right-click on a stock to display the name of the stock, and press the space bar to get a print out of all the raw data that has been collected. The speed of the system can also be scaled via keyboard, and by pressing the space bar the system can be paused at any time. You can download a free Windows / Mac / Linux executable or watch the video below. Thnkx James and Todd.